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Luxury Yacht Charter in North America

Luxury charters in North America offer a wonderful way to discover both the United States and Canada from a new perspective. Explore the remote mountainous landscapes and waterways of Alaska and British Columbia, enjoy the tropical climate and water sports activities of the Florida Keys, or take in the quaint fishing villages and low-key luxury of New England.

What are your options for a luxury North America yacht charter?

Florida is arguably the yachting hub of the United States, if not the world, offering endless options to choose from during a luxury yacht charter in the USA. The Florida Keys is a popular destination for sports fishing whilst Miami is growing in stature as a yachting destination, with purpose-built superyacht marinas springing up along the coast.

New York City’s origins have maritime roots, with many early settlers making their way to the United States on the oceans and entering here. Today, one of the most spectacular ways of seeing New York and experiencing the city is to arrive by superyacht. A number of downtown marinas are able to cater to superyachts, meaning that charter guests are as close as possible to the action in the city that never sleeps.

New England is a popular cruising destination in the summer months, particularly the coastal towns of Newport, Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket. Newport’s historic mansions and yachting heritage lend themselves to a visit when you rent a yacht in North America. The quaint island of Martha’s Vineyard has an old world charm, with sleepy fishing towns, dramatic coastal landscapes and typical New England architecture. Nantucket, located just east of Martha’s Vineyard, is also a popular place to charter a yacht in New England. The town typifies the understated chic for which New England is known, with its beaches and cobblestone streets somehow blending with luxury boutiques and elegant cocktail bars.

A superyacht charter in California offers something for everyone, from the sunshine-filled San Diego and neighbouring whale migration hotspot La Jolla to the Napa Valley vineyards a short drive from San Francisco Bay.

Find yourself in one of the most remote parts of North America on a charter in Alaska and take a front-row seat to marvel at the wonders of nature that this region bestows. Guests enjoying USA yacht rentals will be spoiled for choice in this treasure trove for outdoor lovers, with trips including a saunter through fiords and an expedition to some of the most extreme heli-skiing terrain in the world.

Alaska is also a starting or ending point for an unforgettable voyage through the Northwest Passage, a once-in-a-lifetime trip which is becoming increasingly popular with those looking to push the limits of luxury yacht travel.

As Canada’s only state on the Pacific coast, British Columbia is a remarkable place to visit on a Canada yacht charter. The city of Vancouver has a buzzing art and culture scene and is a great point of embarkation for a yacht charter through the waterways of Vancouver Island. Take a helicopter ride up to Yoho National Park with its Towering Takakkaw Falls and Emerald Lake or explore the unspoiled beauty of the snow-capped peaks in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

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