A Luxury Yacht Brokerage Shaking Up The Industry

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YACHTZOO is a breed apart from all other brokerages, and we pride ourselves on being different. A luxury yacht brokerage with over a decade of experience, we view every boat as having its own unique set of characteristics and strengths, while our industry-leading team ensures we get to know each of our clients on an ultra-personal level. We believe that only this attention to detail creates the perfect, lasting match between Owner and superyacht. 

A luxury yacht brokerage for the next generation

When we set up the company in 2007, it was our vision as the founding partners of YACHTZOO to create a new evolution in luxury yacht services. We believe that yachtsmen and women deserve better than to simply be offered the biggest or most expensive vessel on the market. They deserve to have their wants and needs heard by a team of experts, whose yachting knowledge is unparalleled. They deserve to be able to talk to international yacht brokers, wherever they are in the world. Most importantly, they deserve to have access to every style and type of boat they can dream of.

An exceptionally complete service

While we treasure the traditional values of the luxury yacht brokerage when it comes to offering a discreet and indulgent service, YACHTZOO elevates its client journey to offer the new and unexpected. We combine exceptional digital know-how and dynamic thinking with tried-and-tested methods, crafting the ultimate experience that leaves people coming back time and time again.

From luxury yacht brokerage and yacht sales; to yacht charter retail or charter management; to management or new-build construction, our international yacht brokers will be with you every step of the way. No request is too large, and no detail too small. It is a constant privilege to offer such an all-encompassing range of services to each one of our clients. We are proud that, after a decade of passion for excellence, YACHTZOO’s offering has only grown stronger. 

Amongst other services, YACHTZOO deals for others in yachts and boats, namely, purchasing yachts for others, yacht dealerships; business advisory services in the field of yacht building and of converting commercial maritime vessels into yachts and offering concierge services in connection with yachting.

Strategically positioned to help

Our dynamic team is constantly expanding to developing yachting hubs all over the world. With offices in Monte Carlo, Fort Lauderdale, London and Yokohama, we go wherever our clients need us, delivering an out-of-this-world brokerage service every step of the way. Plus, with multilingual international yacht brokers on hand at each one of our offices, there is sure to be someone who speaks your language, helping to foster that close relationship from the very beginning.