At YACHTZOO Japan yacht brokerage, our expert team promotes an unparalleled range of yachts for sale to the Japanese market, and adds to YACHTZOO’s growing fleet of large yachts listed within Japan itself, encouraging both local ownership and region yacht charter.
Being based in Asia’s top business hub, the YACHTZOO Japan yacht brokers are perfectly placed to work with yacht buyers and owners not only in Japan, but across Asia. Find our yachts for sale listings here.

YACHTZOO Yacht Brokerage, Japan

5F, Tower #B
Hansen Nippon-Maru Memorial Park
2-1-1, Minato-Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama,
220-0012, JAPAN

+81 45 225 8415
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Nigel Beatty

Sales Broker

Tel. : +81 (0)3 6447 7154
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Kenta Inaba

Sales Broker

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Cel.: +81 (0)90 5791 6351