Alaska Yacht Charter

Alaska Yacht Charter

Wild, remote, epic: an Alaska yacht charter is an adventure to the Last Frontier. Sprawling national parks, imposing mountain peaks and icy fjords define Alaska’s rugged landscapes, and an incredible variety of wildlife call these remote lands home. The nature is truly spectacular: humpback whales, orcas, wild salmon and porpoise rule the waves; bald eagles, moose, wolves and bears dominate on land. With miles upon miles of winding fjords and untouched islands to explore, the best, and often the only way to experience the region’s wild beauty is on a private Alaska yacht charter.

Located on the west coast of America, Alaska is the northernmost state in the USA. Most Alaska yacht charters begin either in Juneau, the Alaskan capital, or in Ketchikan on Alaska’s famous Inside Passage. For extended east coast cruises, guests can also begin their charter from Seattle or Vancouver. However, with the state boasting more than 45,000 miles of magnificent coastline to explore inclusive of its remote islands, its waters indeed hold more than enough draw. Filled with quiet and secluded anchorage spots and with most of the region offering sparse cellphone coverage, a private Alaska yacht charter provides a chance to disconnect and be present in the journey.

Alaska yacht charter highlights

Traditional villages and remote islands, blue-tinged glaciers and geothermal springs, Alaska is a real natural wonderland. The wild region offers a new highlight to enjoy every day – and with exceptionally long summer days, there is plenty of time to fit it all in on a yacht charter. Start your Alaskan discovery with a cruise through the glacier-carved fjords of the Inside Passage, and look forward to more spectacular glacial sites at the Tracy Arm fjords, kayaking with dolphins and spotting whales and eagles on the way. 

Part of the Alaska yacht charter experience is not just admiring the landscapes from afar, but immersing yourself in the wilderness. Head inland for some of the best hikes in North America, and spend an afternoon catching crab for seafood dining as fresh as it gets.

Wildlife spotting on your Alaska yacht charter

An Alaskan yacht charter is an opportunity to experience some of the world’s mightiest animals in their undisturbed natural habitat. On land, the state is home to bear, moose, Dall sheep, wolf, caribou, and a wide variety of birds. Out in the icy waters, humpback whales, sea lions, orca, grey whales, porpoise and sea otters rule the waves. 

A yacht holiday or vacation is the perfect way to encounter all of these animals in their natural habitats. The Tongass National Forest is a popular cruising destination to get up close with the region’s wildlife, cruising past magnificent glaciers and imposing icebergs on the way. For a unique visit to a remote Alaskan village, head to Tenakee on Chicagoff Island.

Alaska is renowned for world-class whale watching. Grey whales migrate to new feeding grounds in Beaufort and Chukchi Seas in the spring months, while the beautiful Frederick Sounds offer plenty of sightings of pods of orcas as well as humpback whales breaching the cold water in the summer months. 

The ultimate Alaskan adventure

For those looking for an adrenaline-filled luxurious adventure in Alaska, an explorer yacht is the perfect vessel. Go on a heli-skiing experience in Haines’ untouched mountains, white water raft in glacial waters at Glacial Bay National Park, or take the whole family for a dog-sled experience over the icy plains of the Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau. 

With over 600 species of fish inhabiting the Alaskan waters, including a wide variety of salmon, trout, pike, halibut and more, fishing is a must on any Alaska yacht charter itinerary. Witnessing brown bears fishing wild salmon is a highlight of any Alaska travel experience, but for those wanting to catch the fish themselves, arrange a fishing experience and spend the night in a luxury backcountry log for a taste of authentic Alaska. Flyfish in the day and look forward to your personal chef turning your day’s work into a culinary experience to remember.

What is the best time for an Alaska yacht charter?

The best time for an Alaska private yacht charter is between May to September. Late May through to July are the warmest months in Alaska with temperatures ranging from 20-25 degrees Celsius. In the summer months of June and July, Alaska’s daylight hours are amongst the longest in the world, allowing charter guests to experience the magic of the Midnight Sun. For those cruising in Alaska’s cooler climes in Autumn, shorter days are compensated with a chance to catch the Aurora dancing across the starry sky. 

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