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First, decide on whom to invite, but chose wisely as one of you will be the murderer! We bring a whole casino onboard your yacht complete with Roulette, Black Jack and the accompanying croupiers. All you have to do is put on the costumes we have provided (tuxedos for gents and evening dress for ladies of course).

On the day of the yacht charter, the scene will be set with decorations that fit our theme and the enthralling backstory for you and your guests to follow will be revealed; providing you with clues throughout the party that will help solve the mystery (we even have an Inspector to help you along!).

As the yacht sets at anchor, the game begins. Your guests to get into character and interact with one another, exchanging information and trying to solve the mystery. All have a double identity, some are spies, other villains, all are possible suspects.

With one of our top forensic photographer on hand, remember to take pictures of your character in glitzy 50’s costumes. The detective will close proceedings by awarding prizes to whomever correctly identifies the killer. Further prizes are also available.

Once the killer is revealed and prizes awarded, you may elect to continue playing casino games (including poker) to your heart’s content.


  • Show Duration – 1hr
  • Performers – 3
  • Minimum booking notice – 24 hrs
  • On board prep time – 1hr

Are you looking for a unique and thrilling way to entertain your friends, colleagues or loved ones? Consider hosting a murder mystery party during a yacht charter! This is a great opportunity to combine the luxury of a yacht with the excitement of a mystery game.

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Hosting a murder mystery party during a yacht charter is a unique and exciting way to entertain your guests. With careful planning and attention to detail, create a night full of mystery, intrigue, and luxury that your friends and colleagues will never forget.
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