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Wheelchair-friendly & fully accessible yachts for sale

Fully accessible yachts for sale are available for charter guests or yacht Owners who are wheelchair users or who have disabilities or limited mobility.

Typically, it has not always been possible for people with special needs to own a superyacht, with narrow deck space, multiple stairs, small doorways, and staterooms located away from the main salon. However, there is now a selection of fully accessible yachts, including superyachts and boats, catering to yacht Owners with mobility issues requirements.

Thanks to thoughtful design and necessary alterations, YACHTZOO’s selection of wheelchair-friendly yachts for sale allows for a trouble-free voyage for both Owners and disabled guests.

Features of an accessible yacht

A fully accessible yacht for sale ensures all individuals can enjoy the pleasures of a luxury yacht charter experience.

A wheelchair-friendly yacht allows Owners and guests to move freely around a vessel and enjoy all its onboard amenities, with large gangways wide enough not only for a wheelchair but for three people, ramps, and electric lifts. The upper deck is also made wheelchair accessible through innovative design, ensuring everyone can enjoy the view.

Other smart features may also include convenient layouts, such as a Master suite on the main deck ensuring direct access to the central living areas, armless chairs, elevators, thoughtfully designed heads with handrails and oversized showers, as well as strategically placed handrails throughout the yacht. Cabins are designed with safety features and space to accommodate all guests comfortably.

Fully accessible yachts for sale come with a crew comfortable with special needs requirements and willing to go the extra distance to be helpful. This friendly crew is trained to provide the highest level of service to ensure safety and comfort for all guests, particularly those with mobility challenges.

Finally, Owners aren’t limited to just motor yachts, but sailing yachts can also make provisions for those with limited mobility. For example, some sailing yacht cockpit lounges are fitted with seatbelts so guests can enjoy heeling over on a breezy day without concern.

YACHTZOO; your preferred broker for accessible yachts

YACHTZOO offers a superb range of wheelchair-friendly yachts for sale and can provide expert advice on what facilities best suit you and your needs. Our luxury yacht charter services also cater to individuals looking for an exclusive and accessible yachting experience. Contact our team today to find out more about our selection of fully accessible yachts for sale and luxury yacht charters.

To get in touch with a luxury superyacht broker, fill in the form here, and a YACHTZOO team member will be in touch by phone or by e-mail with a selection of superyachts for sale matching your requirements.

Nothing matches the prestige of owning a superyacht and joining an exclusive club of luxury yacht owners. A superyacht puts the world at your fingertips, giving you the freedom to travel whenever, wherever all while enjoying a highly exclusive and private experience onboard your own self-sufficient sanctuary. Cruise bluewater havens or explore the world’s most remote regions aboard a luxury yacht with loved ones. YACHTZOO offers an exquisite selection of superyachts for sale. Our luxury yachts for sale are built by the world’s most esteemed shipyards and boast world-class amenities, pioneering cruising technology, and the finest craftsmanship.


Yacht Sales FAQ

How can a luxury yacht broker help me find the ideal superyacht for sale?

Working with the right luxury yacht broker ensures you access to the world’s finest superyachts for sale. YACHTZOO boasts an enviable collection of luxury yachts for sale, including state-of-the-art motor yachts, expedition yachts, elegant sailboats, and new build projects. Our selection of accessible superyachts caters to a diverse range of needs, ensuring that even guests with mobility challenges can enjoy the seas. The best yacht brokerages will also have connections with prestigious shipyards, yacht Owners, and off-market boats, helping to connect you with your ideal vessel. Our team is well-versed in arranging luxury yacht charters, providing you with the opportunity to experience a yacht before making a purchase. Working with a luxury yacht broker can also help you establish what type of vessel will suit your lifestyle needs. Those seeking to explore the world’s most remote regions might be best suited to an explorer yacht, whereas someone wishing to island-hop the Caribbean might find a motor yacht or sailing vessel best meets their needs. When buying a yacht, you must also consider what onboard amenities are essential and who you will likely enjoy time on the water with. For example, someone wishing to holiday with family and friends will want a vessel that can accommodate plenty of guests yet still afford everyone privacy. We specialize in luxury yachts for sale and accessible boat options and can help you select the ideal boat for your needs, ensuring dining and entertainment areas are accessible and enjoyable for all.

How can I ensure I pick the right yacht brokerage?

It is essential that you work with a yacht brokerage that is a member of key industry bodies. YACHTZOO is a proud member of the International Yacht Brokers Association, the Mediterranean Yacht Brokerage Association, The Worldwide Yachting Association, and the Leading Yacht Brokers Association. As a member of these leading yachting associations, YACHTZOO must adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and expertise, giving you complete peace of mind.

How much does a superyacht cost?

The cost of a superyacht will depend on several factors, including the size of the vessel, the type of vessel, the shipbuilder, the year of build, and onboard amenities. Some of the world’s largest superyachts cost hundreds of millions. However, it is possible to enter the superyacht market for less. YACHTZOO’s team of brokers can work within a wide range of budgets.

How much does a superyacht cost to run per year?

The yearly operational costs of a superyacht are an essential consideration when it comes to buying a yacht. Typically, you should expect to pay around 10% of the yacht’s value each year in operational costs, covering aspects such as maintenance, crew, and compliance. YACHTZOO offers exceptional yacht management services that can help streamline the operational cost of yacht ownership.

What amenities can I find on a typical luxury yacht for sale?

The type of amenities on a yacht will vary depending on the size of the vessel, with superyachts for sale typically boasting onboard amenities that rival the world’s most luxurious resorts. Amenities often include a voluminous beach club with bar, hot tub, swimming pool, fitness centre, spa area, open-air cinema, tender garage, sundecks, and voluminous saloons. Our accessible superyachts are equipped with features that ensure everyone, regardless of mobility, can enjoy the luxury and freedom of yachting.

Browse our luxury yachts for sale or contact YACHTZOO’s sales brokerage team; they will be delighted to help you find your ideal superyacht for sale.

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