EMILIA Yacht for sale

  • 22.43m m / 74 ft
  • 1,200,000 EUR


Discover the rich history of our vintage sailing yacht, a masterpiece originally crafted by Attilio Costaguta in adherence to the International Rule of the 12 meters. This vessel, initially a gift from Senator Giovanni Agnelli to his son-in-law Carlo Nasi, underwent a fascinating journey that continues to unfold.

Originally named ‘Emilia’ as a tribute to Attilio Bruzzone’s mother, this sailing icon transitioned through various ownerships and transformations. The Bruzzone family, during their ownership, converted the yacht into a Marconi schooner rigging. Emilia actively participated in numerous cruising regattas, showcasing commendable performance over a decade. In 1940, the stewardship of banker Alfredo Coppola began, ensuring the yacht’s impeccable condition for several decades. Following Coppola’s passing in the 1970s, ownership  transferred to Giorgio Trani.

A significant milestone occurred in 1988 when Emilia underwent a comprehensive restoration at the Beconcini shipyard,  directed by Ugo Faggioni. A decade later, on the French Riviera, another restoration unfolded, culminating in a nostalgic return to its original rigging in 2005. This transformation was accompanied by the addition of a full set of Zaoli sails,  enhancing Emilia’s allure and performance.

Explore the legacy of Emilia, a timeless sailing yacht with a captivating history that spans generations. Each restoration and modification reflects a commitment to preserving its authenticity and ensuring it continues to grace the seas with elegance and prowess.

Available for sale

Asking price:1,200,000 EUR
Location:Alassio, Italy

Yacht details

LOA:22.43m m / 74 ft
Beam:3.74 m / 12 ft
Draft:2.97 m / 10 ft