Patagonia Yacht Charter

Patagonia Yacht Charter

Vast, exotic, wild, and infinite in its beauty; this is how Patagonia was described by the explorers who first arrived there almost 500 years ago. Little has changed to this day. Visitors will discover a truly unspoiled wilderness of mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, forests, and steppe on a Patagonia yacht charter; navigating through countless sea fjords and channels and crossing the famous Straits of Magellan before setting sail for Antarctica is the experience of a lifetime.

A world of stunning beauty – complete with the imposing backdrop of the Andes – is something you will never quite get used to. However, the real surprise will be provided by the great variety of landscapes within this untouched wilderness, which remains very much as it was when first discovered by man. Here you will find numerous intriguing species of plants and animals. The people themselves are kind and stoic, with a natural sense of self-sufficiency strengthened by the great loneliness and harsh climate of the region.

The historically turbulent and unpredictable seas surrounding Patagonia have become a popular destination for those seeking an immersive yacht charter experience.  This is proven by the increasing number of yachts that visit Patagonia each year, mesmerising every guest on board with the natural beauty of the places they visit.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What kind of experiences are there to enjoy on a Patagonia yacht charter?

On a Patagonia yacht charter, you can kayak, pony trek, paddleboard, and hike throughout the spectacular landscape. Take a helicopter tour over the powerful glaciers, soak in thermal hot springs, or get involved with whale research programmes, helping to conserve these majestic creatures and their natural habitat.

For a unique gastronomic experience, go foraging along the coast for sea urchins, razor clams and more, culminating in a wild cookery course with personalised cocktails. Alternatively, head inland to explore the world’s most southernmost winemaking region.

Take a tender to Laguna Amarga in search of the elusive puma – the largest big cat in Patagonia. Pumas are fully protected in Chile and classed as ‘near threatened’ due to years of hunting by farmers protecting their livestock. However, with a dedicated tracking team on your side, you might well be lucky enough to spot one.

A Patagonia yacht charter also has options for those more interested in sighting underwater creatures. Snorkel with sea lions, dive down to coral reefs in a submersible or go fly fishing and crabbing in Patagonia’s crystal-clear waters. Visitors will marvel at the imposing millennial glaciers – of which there are hundreds – and can get up close with whales, dolphins and penguins.

Lastly, explore the local culture at Puerto Eden, a small town only accessible by boat. The last members of Kawescar or Alacalufe descent are amongst the 250 people that live here. Today, Puerto Eden survives to protect this ethnic group, which was driven to this small place of the land after the conquerors arrived in the 1930s. The landscape and community are steeped in history and tradition.

When is the best time to go on a luxury yacht charter Patagonia?

Summertime (December through February) is the best time to visit Patagonia on a yacht charter, with an average high temperature of around 15°C. However, beware the weather is unpredictable during these months: strong winds and sudden storms are common.

The shoulder months of October, November, March, and April tend to have slightly less wind, but they are also a lot cooler. Best to be prepared for all weather conditions regardless of when you visit.

Where to visit on a trip to Patagonia

One highlight of a Patagonia yacht charter is the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, the largest national park in the country, with a total surface of 8.9 million acres.

Head over to Mother of God Island, a largely unexplored and vast area of rock featuring endless unique caves and crevices. In the most extensive cave, known as ‘The Cave of the Whales’, many ancient whale skeletons have been discovered, including five blue whale skulls.

Visit Torres del Paine National Park. Named as an eighth wonder of the world, it is widely recognised as one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Make a stop by Melimoyu National Park and hike through the rainforest onto dramatic volcanic slopes.

What are the major yachting ports in Patagonia?

Most marinas (excluding commercial ports) in Patagonia are not suited to yachts over 30 metres. In Puerto Montt, there are facilities for bigger vessels, but be prepared to be on generators, at anchor, or on mooring buoys for the majority of your trip.

Adventure Yacht Charters in Patagonia

For adventure seekers, there can be no greater experience than to explore Patagonia – one of the world’s most intriguing and untouched regions. That’s why YACHTZOO is delighted to be working in partnership with PELORUS, to provide our clients Patagonia yacht charters like no other. Our partnership will give you access to a Patagonia which will take you well and truly off the beaten track. Contact our brokers today for more information, and prepare for the experience of a lifetime