Food and wine experiences on a yacht charter

Food and wine are an integral part of any great yacht charter. Many of the world’s best chefs can be found in the galleys of superyachts, creating masterpieces that would impress even the most discerning of palates. But there are also ample opportunities to explore the local culinary delights ashore during your yacht charter. From the ultimate gourmet tasting menu at the world’s most sought-after tables to trying traditional and local foods cooked in family-style restaurants, there is a yacht charter food experience for you. If you are a wine fanatic, your YACHTZOO charter broker can organise special tastings both on board or at vineyards nearby to take your trip from fantastic to spectacular.

The White Desert

Become a Turkish chef for the day

Turkish culinary delights

Become a Turkish chef for the day

Adventures in Catalonia

Enjoy northern Spain’s best of the best

An exclusive Gaudi experience

Have La Pedrera to yourself for the evening

Haute cuisine

A gastronomic tour with elBulli by helicopter

A taste of Corsica

Authentic family dining in style

Treasured tubers

Truffle hunting in Croatia’s forests of Istria