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Experiences on a yacht charter that are great for kids

There are so many fun and educational experiences to be had for kids on a luxury yacht charter that it is truly the place to make family memories that will last a lifetime. Your dedicated onboard crew is on hand to make each day more special than the last, tailoring the activities to your kids’ age group and their hobbies. They might create a pirate day with a hunt for buried treasure ashore, a trip to a nature reserve to see some remarkable wildlife or a fun afternoon of water sports lessons. Your YACHTZOO charter broker and onboard crew will be happy to create a special experience for all the family.

Emperor for a day

The Roman Empire comes to life in Pula

The high life

Get some altitude in Montenegro’s mountains

Antactica’s White Desert

Accessible the inaccessible with a visit to Antarctica's white desert on your yacht charter.

Turkish Culinary Delights

Become a Turkish chef for the day with a private cooking lesson on board.

Heaven scent

Create a signature perfume on the Côte d’Azur

Underwater Roman adventure

Snorkel through a submerged ancient city

A floating pilgrimage

Take part in a centuries-old tradition on the water