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Become a Turkish chef for the day

Superb local cuisine is one of the allures of a yacht charter in Turkey, with aromatic spices and flavours from the east combined with fresh fish, delicious cheeses, flavourful vegetable dishes and tender meats. One fantastic way to immerse yourself in the Turkish culture is with an onboard cookery class with a local chef.

The chef of your yacht will take care of all the preparations alongside the visiting chef, heading to the market that morning to select the freshest and finest ingredients for a menu that you have chosen beforehand. If you wish to have an even more hands-on experience, you could join them for the excursion.

In the afternoon, head down to the galley and pull on an apron for the culinary activities. Your guest chef will take you through the history of spices and cooking in Turkey, with its fascinating traditions and influences in this geographical confluence where east meets west.

Even the younger members of your charter group can participate, giving them a memorable and first-hand experience of their time on a charter in Turkey.