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The MYBA Association is undeniably a large one and their Members are actively involved in most of the disciplines of the superyacht industry. MYBA’s smooth operation requires a number of Committees and Panels, making it often difficult to be acquainted with everyone personally. That is why they have started sharing information with the industry and the public alike concerning those who are offering their time and effort to ensure that MYBA continues to grow in a sustainable manner.

Here is an excerpt of their article: 

So, if you haven’t met him yet, allow us to introduce Russell Stockil who serves on MYBA’s Yacht Management Committee.

A qualified Captain, Marine Surveyor and member of the Nautical Institute, Russell joined YACHTZOO  after 12 years at sea and 14 years ashore where he was responsible for the creation and support of a viable yacht management service for a well-known brand within the industry. During this time, he oversaw the Compliance, Quality Assurance, Risk Management, Analytics and Training within the management team and has secured a reputation within the industry for a reliable and competent solution-oriented approach to the fine art of yacht management and support. Russell’s experience ranges from new-build specification review and preparation for delivery, to all aspects of vessel registration and operation for passenger yachts, research vessels (under Special Purpose Ship code), commercial yachts, submarines and helicopters. An active participant in various Industry working groups and committees, Russell believes that competence, communication and accountability are key to sustaining a healthy industry.

We spoke with Russell in order to find out what he believes about the role of yacht management and support and this is what he had to say: “Truly effective yacht management requires a multi-disciplinary skill set.  As stakeholders in the industry, yacht management has a key responsibility to provide continuity throughout the lifecycle of the yacht with its changes in Ownership, Captain/Crew, Flag/Class, location/jurisdiction and multitude of service providers each with their own role to play and an agenda not necessarily aligned with the overall best interests of the yacht operation. We need to ensure an effective transition from shipyard to operational status with relevant historical data tracked, recorded and passed on for each component of the operation. We need to understand banking, insurance, VAT and fiscal implications, employment and HR processes, safety and Flag State compliance, technical, technological and communication trends, emergency response preparedness and a psychological approach to mental health and harassment issues.”

End of excerpt.

You can expand your professional network by connecting with Russell Stockil, if you have any yacht management queries, please do reach out to the YACHTZOO team by sending an email to us.

You have a wealth of expertise at your fingertips!

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