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Originally commissioned in 1955,  Sportfisher TWENTY holds a significant place in maritime history.

Crafted by Johnny and Tommy Rybovich, Rybovich Hull #1 is recognized as the world’s first boat specifically built for the sport of fishing.  Rybovich showcased how the sport could be enjoyed in style. Owning a “Rybo” became a symbol of status, with each custom-designed mahogany masterpiece blending technological innovation, speed, and performance in Tommy Rybovich’s distinctive style.

Many notable figures of the time owned one. TWENTY, the 20th hull of its kind, boasts the iconic ‘broken sheer’ Rybovich signature style in its hull. The vessel’s rich history and meticulous design make it a true collector’s item, resonating with those who appreciate maritime craftsmanship.

After an extensive 2014 refit in Japan, TWENTY combined its classic charm with modern amenities. The engines, generator, and interior furnishings have been replaced

, keeping the vessel’s original allure while meeting contemporary functionality standards.

The recent 10% price reduction to $378,000 presents a rare opportunity for sportfishing enthusiasts. Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of nautical history at this unprecedented value.

For further details or inquiries, please visit the dedicated page for the Sportfisher TWENTY.

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