Palau Yacht Cruise

A Luxury Yacht Cruise in Palau

A Palau yacht cruise is an off-the-beaten-track adventure to treasure. Nestled in the western Pacific Ocean, this enchanting archipelago has it all: tropical climes, pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and incredible diving that is hard to beat. Palau is the ultimate superyacht playground. A bucket-list yachting adventure relatively untraveled by most, a bespoke Palau yacht holiday is now more accessible than ever before, with options ranging from motor yachts to sailing boats and catamarans.

The Republic of Palau is found in the Pacific Ocean and forms part of Micronesia. It consists of more than 300 coral and volcanic islands which are best traveled by superyacht. A Palau yacht cruise is the chance to explore a remote slice of paradise: Palau’s nearest neighbours are Guam 1330 kilometres to the northeast, New Guinea 650 kilometres to the south, and the Philippines, 890 kilometres to the west. Boat rentals, including private boat options, offer a unique way to experience these beautiful islands and their crystal-clear water.

The Palau archipelago is encircled by an immense barrier reef system that transforms its waters into one of the world’s most diverse marine ecosystems. As a result, Palau is one of the best places to enjoy scuba diving and snorkelling in azure waters. A far cry from the busy waterways of the Mediterranean and Caribbean hot spots, a Palau yacht holiday leaves you to enjoy ultimate privacy, freedom, and tropical beauty at its finest.

Palau Yacht Cruise Highlights

A luxury Palau yacht holiday offers many highlights, though what draws most inquisitive travelers to her shores is her astounding natural beauty and amazing spots. A yacht holiday is the perfect way to explore the Palau archipelago in comfort and style. Spend long, tropical days cruising from shore to shore, making the most of your luxury yacht’s water toys to explore your surroundings on the way. After kayaking and snorkeling in the turquoise lagoons, head back on board to enjoy exquisite fresh seafood al fresco as the sun sets into the neverending horizon.

For an adventure on dry land, zip to shore by tender and take a day hiking in lush jungle landscapes and admire natural waterfalls such as Ngardmau Waterfall in Babeldaob. Jellyfish Lake in the Rock Islands on the south of Palau archipelago also makes for a unique day trip ashore. Koror, Palau’s largest town, offers WWII history enthusiasts an opportunity to delve into a selection of unique museums, as well as restaurants, boutique art galleries, and an excellent night market for incredible local food and a glimpse into Palauan culture.

World-Class Diving in Palau

Nothing is more of a highlight on a Palau yacht cruise than the underwater world. A real diver’s paradise, the waters of the Palau archipelago are home to a vast array of historical shipwrecks and diverse marine life. The Iro Maru wreck is one of the most famous WWII wreck dives in Palau and offers divers an up-close look at the boat that sank to 130 feet below the surface after being hit by a torpedo in 1944.

The Chandelier Caves are a must-do dive in Palau. A shallow dive that is great for everyone to enjoy, surfacing into the Chandelier Caves’ three domes to admire the out-of-this-world sparkling walls and stalactites is a diving experience to remember. Enjoy a thrilling drop off on the Ngemelis wall, and swim amidst sharks, manta rays, turtles, angelfish and mesmerising corals, and head to Blue Corner to enjoy one of Palau’s best dive spots for experienced divers. Teeming with a wide variety of sharks and barracudas, Blue Corner is one of the world’s most renowned shark dives.

As well as being home to the landlocked Jellyfish Lake, the Rock Islands are also a must-visit for any diver or snorkeller in Palau. With your luxury yacht fully equipped with professional diving equipment as well as the ability to easily arrange an onboard diving instructor, exploring the magical underwater world of Palau is seamless.

What is the best time for a Palau yacht cruise?

Located relatively close to the equator, Palau has a tropical climate and is a fantastic year-round yachting destination. The temperature never varies more than a few degrees either way of 28 degrees Celsius, and the water temperature remains between 28-30 degrees Celsius all year. There are two seasons in Palau. The dry season lasts from November to April and is the most popular time for a Palau yacht holiday or vacation. The rainy season lasts from July to October, where Palau yacht guests should expect daily tropical downpours.

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