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Alassio, Italy – Yacht enthusiasts and maritime history aficionados alike have a rare opportunity to own a piece of sailing history, as the vintage yacht “Emilia” is now listed for sale with Yachtzoo, one of the world’s premier yacht brokerage firms.

Originally crafted in 1930 by Attilio Costaguta in strict adherence to the International Rule of the 12 meters, Emilia holds a unique history that adds to her charm. The sailing yacht was initially bestowed as a gift from Senator Giovanni Agnelli to his son-in-law Carlo Nasi. Subsequently, the vessel embarked on a journey of ownership changes, each chapter adding a layer to its storied past.

Following an unexpected departure to South America, the yacht found itself in the possession of the Bruzzone family, where it underwent a transformation into a Marconi schooner rigging. Renamed “Emilia” as a tribute to Attilio Bruzzone’s mother, the yacht proved its prowess in numerous cruising regattas, showcasing remarkable performance over a decade.

In 1940, Emilia transitioned to the care of banker Alfredo Coppola, maintaining impeccable condition under his stewardship. After Coppola’s passing in the 1970s, ownership transferred to Giorgio Trani. A pivotal moment in Emilia’s history occurred in 1988 when a comprehensive restoration took place at the Beconcini shipyard, directed by Ugo Faggioni.

A decade later, Emilia underwent another significant restoration on the French Riviera, culminating in a return to her original rigging in 2005. The restoration was complemented by a full set of Zaoli sails, restoring the yacht to her former glory.

Now, this piece of maritime history is available for sale, presenting a unique opportunity for yacht enthusiasts and collectors. The asking price for Emilia is set at 1,550,000 EUR, and the yacht is currently located in Alassio, Italy. Boasting a length overall (LOA) of 22.43 meters (74 feet), a beam of 3.74 meters (12 feet), and a draft of 2.97 meters (10 feet), Emilia is a testament to classic craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

With a wooden hull and a build year of 1930, Emilia encapsulates the spirit of a bygone era. The yacht’s refit in 2005 further ensures a seamless blend of historical charm and modern functionality. For those captivated by the allure of vintage sailing, Emilia stands as a living testament to a golden age of maritime craftsmanship.

Prospective buyers can inquire about Emilia’s sale through Yachtzoo, a trusted name in the world of yacht brokerage, connecting discerning clients with unique and exceptional vessels.

Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of maritime history – Emilia awaits her next chapter in the hands of a passionate and discerning owner.

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