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24m Berth For Sale Cala Del Forte Marina - YACHTZOO
24m Berth For Sale Cala Del Forte Marina - YACHTZOO

60m Berth D07 – Cala del Forte Berth for sale

  • Max-length: 60m / Max-beam: 12.90m
  • Ventimiglia, Italy
  • 40 years
  • 5,130,000 EUR (ex IVA)


  • Only 7.9 nautical miles from Monaco
  • Operated entirely by Ports of Monaco
  • 24/7 mooring assistance by professionally staff
  • 24/7 safety and security
  • Monaco One Shuttle
  • Electric golf cart transportation and delivery service
  • 39 shops & 577 parking spaces

About Cala Del Forte Marina:

A few select yacht owners shall have the opportunity to purchase a berth via a long-term lease that shall enable them to enter the select club of berth owners in Cala del Forte. Rights to select berths shall be conceded on a 40-year basis and will produce rental income when an owner is not occupying his berth.

Berth details

Price: 5,130,000 EUR (ex IVA)
Location: Ventimiglia, Italy
Lease: 40 years
Max. length: 60m
Max. beam: 12.90m
Features: Longest concession in the Mediterranean


Browse available berths for sale


35m Berth E25 – Cala del Forte

  • Location: Ventimiglia, Italy
  • Lease: 40 years
  • Max. Length: 37m
  • Max. Beam: 9m
Porto Montenegro Berth yacht

37m Berth – Porto Montenegro 2046

  • Location: Tivat, Montenegro
  • Lease: 2046
  • Max. Length: 37m
  • Max. Beam: 10m

50m Berth – Porto Montenegro

  • Location: Tivat, Montenegro
  • Lease: 2043
  • Max. Length: 50m
  • Max. Beam: 11m

24m Berth – Port Vauban

  • Location: Antibes, France
  • Lease: From 5 to 20 years
  • Max. Length: 28.99m
  • Max. Beam: 6.70m

40m Berth – Port Adriano

  • Location: Palma de Mallorca
  • Lease: Until May 2042
  • Max. Length: 40m
  • Max. Beam: 10m
luxury yacht berth

30m Berth – Porto Montenegro 2031

  • Location: Tivat, Montenegro
  • Lease: 2031
  • Max. Length: 30m
  • Max. Beam: 10m
20m Berth For Sale Cala Del Forte Aerial

18m Berth F07 – Cala del Forte

  • Location: Ventimiglia, Italy
  • Lease: 40 years
  • Max. Length: 19.50m
  • Max. Beam: 5.60m
50m Yacht Berth for Sale in the South of France - YACHTZOO

50m Berth – South of France

  • Location: Golfe Juan
  • Max. Length: 50
  • Max. Beam: 10.50
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