The Playground of Colombia, Conservation & Cultural Exchanges

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Colombia is a country of remarkable colour and character – This YACHTZOO & PELORUS collaboration is designed to immerse you in the very best of it. Beginning in Cartagena, you’ll dance and listen to remarkable music, taste some of the best rum on Earth, and snorkel in impossibly blue waters. Visit ancient sites in the jungle, older than Machu Picchu, take part in the conservation efforts of rare animals and reforestation, kitesurf in the islands and enjoy a unique window into Columbia that will culminate in an incredibly rare cultural exchange.

Take a helicopter to the indigenous Tungueka community, where the Kogui families live. The Kogui are unique among Latin America’s indigenous cultures because the Spaniards never conquered them. They represent the most complete surviving civilisation of pre-Colombian America.

Spend the morning learning how they have successfully preserved their cultural traditions through minimal contact with outside civilisation. You will see first-hand their traditions, beliefs and connection with nature. The Kogui base their lifestyles on their belief in “Aluna” or “The Great Mother,” their creator figure, who they believe is the force behind nature. As you play with the children and cook with the people of the tribe, sitting down with them for a meal, you and your family will come to a greater understanding of this way of life so different to our own.

Upon returning to your YACHTZOO vessel, settle back in comfort with a screening of one of the two documentaries that the Kogui people have allowed to be made, detailing their lives.

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