Watersports experiences on a yacht

Of course, spending your holidays on a yacht will put you close to the water, but the kind of experiences you can have while on board cannot be matched by any kind of land-based trips. Get to places that are hard to reach, such as remote dive sites that are far offshore. Enjoy the flexibility of a moving luxury base to follow the best conditions for your watersport of choice. Many of today’s charter yachts have a large array of watersports equipment to keep you and your whole group endlessly entertained, from fast and fun jetskis to inflatable towables, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards to full scuba diving suites.

Scuba safari in Corsica

Diving adventures with plane wrecks and porpoises

Dive into history

Ride a submersible to a historic WWI wreck

Underwater Roman adventure

Snorkel through a submerged ancient city

Surf’s up in Sardinia

Catch some rare waves in the Mediterranean

Go fly a kite

A kitesurfing tour of Greece