Surf’s up in Sardinia

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Catch some rare waves in the Mediterranean

Although it might be hard to believe that great surf breaks can be found in the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia has a surprise for those who want to catch some waves while on their yacht charter in Italy.

Thanks to the strong summer breezes that blow an average of 15 days a month, surfers and kitesurfers are served up great conditions with waves of up to five metres (16 feet).

Make your way to the breath-taking Su Giudeu beach in Chia, on the southern point of Sardinia, where the fine, golden sand dunes look out onto one of the most beautiful views on the whole island. The lagoon behind the beach holds an unexpected surprise: a flock of bright pink flamingos which will be sure to delight the younger members of your group. The beach delivers outstanding surfing conditions when the wind blows from the north or north-east.

This southern part of Sardinia is also a renowned spot for avid kite surfers. In 2012, the kiteboarding world championships were held at Poetto Beach in Cagliari, and there are a number of clubs, schools and rental facilities available.

On the western coast of Sardinia is the Sinis Peninsula, where hotspots for surfers and windsurfers include under the giant granite cliff of Capu Mannu, Mini Capo, Putzu Idu, Is Arenas Reef and Is Benas. A surf camp and school – the only one you will find in Italy – is available to show beginners and novices the ropes.