Luxury Yachts for Charter


Luxury Yachts for Charter


Luxury Yachts for Charter


Luxury Yachts for Charter


Yachts for Charter

Customised superyacht charters

A luxury yacht charter is a vacation or holiday unlike any other. Taste outstanding cuisine from a world-class chef; discover new countries and cultures from a private and luxurious moving base, and enjoy special moments with your friends and family that will stay with you forever.

Scroll down to discover luxury yachts for charter with YACHTZOO or contact us with your yacht charter enquiry. You can also discover destinations and experiences to inspire your luxury yacht charter or learn how to charter a yacht if you are new to chartering.

S/Y LAMIMA yacht for charter


  • Sailing yacht for charter
  • 65.20 m / 214 ft - HAJI BASO
  • 14 guests in 7 staterooms
S/Y DRUMBEAT yacht for charter


  • Sailing yacht for charter
  • 53.00 m / 174 ft - ALLOY YACHTS
  • 11 guests in 5 staterooms
S/Y DUNIA BARU yacht for charter


  • Sailing yacht for charter
  • 51 m / 167 ft - KONJO BOATBUILDERS
  • 14 guests in 7 staterooms
S/Y SILOLONA superyacht for charter


  • Sailing yacht for charter
  • 49.80 m / 163 ft - KONJO BOATBUILDERS
  • 10 guests in 5 staterooms
S/Y TRINAKRIA yacht for charter


  • Sailing yacht for charter
  • 49.06 m / 161 ft - WEINER WERFT
  • 10 guests in 5 staterooms
S/Y BLUSH yacht for charter in Perini Navi Cup


  • Sailing yacht for charter
  • 45.30 m / 149 ft - PERINI NAVI
  • 10 guests in 4 staterooms
S/Y RIANA Yacht for Charter


  • Sailing yacht for charter
  • 42.00m m / 138 ft - SILYON YACHTS
  • 8 guests in 4 staterooms
S/Y genevieve yacht for charter on the sea


  • Sailing yacht for charter
  • 36.90 m / 121 ft - ALLOY YACHTS
  • 9 guests in 4 staterooms
S/Y SEQUOIA yacht for charter


  • Sailing yacht for charter
  • 26.10 m / 86 ft - CUSTOM
  • 6 guests in 3 staterooms

At YACHTZOO, we pride ourselves on getting to know your specific needs and desires, to make each luxury yacht charter exceptional. Our team of expert charter brokers has direct knowledge of all the top superyachts for charter on the market worldwide.

YACHTZOO’s Retail Charter brokers will guide you through the entire experience. There is no detail too small or any request too specific, in order to ensure a YACHTZOO luxury superyacht charter exceeds your expectations, every time.

Yacht Charter FAQ

What is a private yacht charter?

Private yacht charter is the method of renting a sailboat, a motor yacht, or a motor sailing vessel, and cruising to various coastal or island destinations.

There are two major forms of charter: crewed and bareboat. A crewed yacht charter implies that the yacht is leased with a qualified crew, lead by a Captain who is responsible for running the yacht and ensuring your every wish is taken care of. A crew is typical aboard a luxury superyacht charter.

The other option is bareboat charter, which involves renting a boat and skipping it with no crew to help, but usually this option is only available for smaller yachts. At YACHTZOO, all of our luxury yacht charters are fully crewed for the ultimate charter experience.

What is the process for booking a luxury yacht charter?

The process for booking a luxury yacht charter begins with a yacht charter enquiry, where you contact the broker to provide your chosen cruising dates and the length of charter, the number of guests to be accommodated, your preferred yacht type (motor yacht or sailing yacht), charter budget and cruising region, plus any special requests or must-have onboard amenities. The charter broker will then get straight to work sourcing all suitable options to provide you with a list of the available yachts for charter that fit your specifications.

Once you have settled on the yacht that you want to charter, the process will continue with the signing of a yacht charter contract between you, the yacht owner or charter manager, and us, the broker. As soon as the contract has been signed and the deposit paid, your superyacht charter will be secured.

As the date of departure nears, you will need to pay the remaining balance, and your broker will contact you to create a detailed preference sheet for you and your guests, which helps the crew know what to buy and cook for you during your stay.

Next step: sit back and enjoy your yacht charter holiday!

Where can I go on a luxury yacht charter?

There are so many incredible luxury yacht charter destinations. Our clients typically choose the Caribbean during the winter months and head to the Mediterranean for the summer, however, you are also able to explore more off-the-beaten-track destinations, from Asia to Antarctica on our luxury yacht charters. Check out our full list of yacht charter destinations and experiences.

Whether you're dreaming of a superyacht charter exploring the sparkling seas of the Bahamas, the exclusive nightlife of the Côte d'Azur, the remote beaches of the Caribbean, the scenic coasts of Spain, Thailand, New England, or any other location you can imagine, there's a yacht waiting for you.

What is the duration of a superyacht charter?

The duration of a superyacht charter depends on the guest preference, as well as on the type and size of the yacht, and can vary from a single day to several weeks. The duration is decided in advance according to the client's preferences. At YACHTZOO, our luxury yacht charters are typically a week minimum, giving our guests plenty of time to fully enjoy their vacation.

How much does a luxury yacht charter cost?

A luxury yacht charter doesn’t have a fixed price, with each yacht being unique. The charter price starts with the base cost of the yacht, and is updated based on the dates (whether the charter is in high season or low season) and destination. You also have to pay an Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) to cover the cost of all the provisions you use while onboard, including fuel and food/drink, alongside practicalities such as berthing fees.

When should I book my luxury yacht charter?

As a general rule, booking your luxury yacht charter as early as possible will maximise your options and make sure that you can find your dream yacht to charter, as many start taking bookings up to a year in advance.

Since your superyacht charter should be personalised to your own needs and preferences, booking a year in advance gives you plenty of time to plan your cruising itinerary.

How much to tip on a private yacht charter?

There is not a precise rule for giving tips on a luxury yacht charter, but it’s common to provide a standard tip of around 10-15% of the charter fee, depending on the yacht and the location. Tips are usually towards the lower end of that scale in the Mediterranean and to the higher end in the US and Caribbean.

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