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On its day to day business activities, YACHTZOO SARL collects, processes and transfers several categories of data, including your personal data.

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Therefore, when interacting with YACHTZOO SARL, your personal data are or may be processed for the following purposes:

  • Compliance with AML-FT obligations
  • Yacht sales activities
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  • Management of suppliers/ service providers.

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  • Public Authorities of Monaco, to comply with legal or regulatory requirements (ex. Employment related formalities or obligations, social security benefits, etc.) or in response to any legal requests or investigations by Judicial Authorities, as the case may be;
  • SICCFIN, for compliance with AML-FT obligations purposes;
  • Third party service providers such as banks, IT service provider (for backup purposes – based in Monaco), accountants/ auditors, legal counsels, etc.;
  • Business partners such as counterparties in yacht related transactions, etc.;

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To exercise your rights, please write to: You may also write to the Compliance Officer, YACHTZOO SARL, 9 avenue d’Ostende, 98000 Monaco.

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