Explorer Yacht Charter

Imagine cruising through Norweigan Fjords, admiring icebergs glistening in the sun; diving off your yacht into a remote reef and being awestruck by the exotic sea life; or embarking on a heliskiing adventure where stunning peaks descend into exhilarating runs and views pan uninterrupted across the entire landscape. The entire world is there for your discovery on an explorer yacht charter.

While these so-called expedition or adventure yachts were once reserved for researchers, today they have been embraced by more and more owners looking to get off the beaten track. At YACHTZOO, we have a stunning range of these supercharged superyachts available for your explorer yacht charter.

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Where can you go on an explorer yacht charter?

An adventure yacht takes you to places you could only dream of visiting on a normal motor or sailing yacht. They are built with world cruising in mind, carrying state-of-the-art technology and providing exceptional cruising ranges that allow you to venture to those more exotic yacht charter destinations. Some are even built to ice class, allowing them to travel to the North and South poles while keeping guests in unbridled luxury.

helipad aboard expedition yacht for sale

Explorer yachts typically have larger cold and dry storage areas, meaning you can always enjoy the finest cuisines, wines and home comforts, even in regions where it is harder to provision. Imagine sitting in the Jacuzzi sipping your favourite Champagne as you cruise through Antarctica’s dazzling landscapes – it’s all possible on an adventure yacht charter. And while they are comfortable in these harsh and inhospitable spots, stylish design from the world’s best yacht designers means that they fit just as well in glamorous Port Hercules, soaking up the sun.

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What can you do onboard an adventure yacht?

For divers, fishing enthusiasts, wildlife lovers, and anyone who wants to go to uncharted territories, these yachts are ideal, offering an unimaginable range of toys and tenders that vary from snowmobiles to submarines, from helicopters to Jet Skis. Then, when it’s time to cosy up and enjoy the warmth, you’ll discover amazing onboard amenities including gyms, saunas, spas, and cinemas. These vessels are built for stability, meaning you’ll be in complete comfort whether you’re enjoying an aromatherapy massage or watching your favourite film.

So whether you want to go where few people have gone before, discovering breathtaking islands where you and your family are in complete privacy, or take long voyages to faraway spots through intrepid waters, an adventure yacht is the perfect choice. Contact our dynamic yacht brokers to start planning your charter today.

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