Luxury Yacht Charter Norway

Location spotlight: Luxury Yacht Charter Norway

The Norwegian Fjords showcase the most dramatic results of the ice age, with some of the world’s deepest fjords and glaciers carved high into these mountains. The best way to experience this region is with a Norway yacht charter – giving you the ability to navigate deep into the heart of the country. The longest Norwegian fjord stretches 205 kilometres inland and two others are a UNESCO World Heritage natural site.

YACHTZOO are proud to have worked with local experts from PELORUS, to unearth the hidden secrets in and around Norway’s fjords, where breath-taking scenery and some of the most striking views on the planet can be found around every corner.

What kind of experiences are there to enjoy on a luxury yacht charter in Norway?

Aside from soaking up the scenery from below, why not take to the skies paragliding from the mountains down to the shore, or hike to waterfalls and enjoy luxury lunches in deserted huts known only to your guides.

Kayak up the fjords before meeting your specialist guide who will take you trekking over this region’s glaciers. With snowshoes on, ascend the picturesque slopes, and be greeted by one of a kind vistas before rock climbing and bouldering across, all with your safety as paramount. You can also take advantage of the altitude and go summer skiing in alpine snows.

E-bike the Atlantic highway whilst your YACHTZOO vessel cruises on the horizon or try your hand at white water rafting in secret locations before being escorted back into the arms of luxury.

Go fishing for cod and halibut on a specially chartered local vessel before bringing your catch to a private island where your chef will create a luscious meal. Afterwards, why not visit the beautiful Runde Island with naturalists, to visit the roosts of over 200 species of seabirds including Puffin Gannets and Cormorants.

Rappel and abseil from overhanging cliffs before leaping into the water. Get kitted up and enjoy the world-class cold water diving available – you will find rich wildlife, exciting terrain and a gratifying number of WW2 wrecks. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the waters of Norway are comparable to the temperatures found further South. Whatever the season you can get up close and personal with the sea life, snorkelling with seals and exploring the coral reefs and shoals of fish.

The food and art scene in Norway is booming, aside from the many wonderful restaurants. YACHTZOO and PELORUS can organise personal guided tours of cities, visiting illegal street art made by world famous names or trying traditional foods accompanied by local Akavit, beer or cider – the breweries of which can be visited during your trip.

If cruising with a family on your Norway yacht rental, you can investigate the lives of the Vikings and learn what village life was like for the legendary explorers, even learn how to make a traditional wooden longboat or for the science minded, try out being an archaeologist for a day with experts to guide you in the techniques needed to unearth artefacts from history.

When Is the best time to rent a yacht in Norway?

From May through to September.

Where to visit on a trip to the Fjords of Norway?

Whether your YACHTZOO charter takes you North to South or vice versa, you will experience the beauty of the longest and deepest fjord in Norway, the Sognefjord, stretching 205km from the coast to the mighty Jostedalsbreen Glacier, take a side trip into the world famous Naerøyfjord, now included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Stare up at the mountains in Nordfjord, a few thousand meters straight up from the water, interrupted only by spectacular waterfalls. The innermost part of this region also contains Europe’s deepest lake, Hornindalsvatnet.

Hardangerfjord offers spectacular nature and can easily occupy an entire charter alone. At 179km long, the third longest fjord in the world is the home to some of the most amazing hikes and views in the area.

The multicoloured city of Bergen demands a night or two in harbour where you can roam through living history, the Hanseatic wooden buildings of Bergen are UNESCO monuments in themselves and are one of the loveliest cityscapes in Europe.

What are the major yachting ports in Norway?

Alesund, Bergen & Stavanger all have suitable berths for superyachts.

Looking to contact a yacht charter broker in Norway?

YACHTZOO prides itself on privacy and trust for our charter clients. Booking a yacht charter in Norway is no different. With the help of YACHTZOO’s dedicated Norway yacht charter broker specialists, you can choose between the highest quality superyachts, a choice of itineraries and the best rates available.

If you would like to book a Norway yacht charter, please get in touch with a YACHTZOO Norway boat charter broker by filling in the form here. A dedicated yacht charter broker will be in touch with you by phone or by e-mail with the perfect vessels for your Norwegian yachting adventure.