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Yacht Crew Management & Administration

The philosophy of happy crew – happy boat – happy Owner has proven itself time and time again, but busy Owners and Captains have limited time to spend on crew management. That’s where YACHTZOO’s team comes in, offering friendly, expert assistance with everything from reference verification to payroll. Our unmatched knowledge and honest advice ensure clients benefit from a smiling, efficient crew, while our personal relationships with each one of our Captains keep them coming back time and time again. Discover our range of Crew services below.

Crew Management Services at YACHTZOO

Recruitment Supervision

Hiring the right Captain ensures a smooth yacht operation, so YACHTZOO acts as the Owner’s representative to help find the perfect crew candidate for your vessel. This includes helping you recruit in relation to the Flag State Safe Manning requirement, and ensuring all local (EU/USA) and international (ILO/IMO) regulations are met. We check references and assess the validity of certificates to ensure candidates are exactly who they say they are.

Crew Contract Information

YACHTZOO’s team manages crew contract admin on an ongoing basis. Our specialist crew management services include the drafting and establishment of crew employment agreements and crew policies and procedures, removing this stress from the Captain.

Monthly Payroll Management

We establish crew payroll and standing orders in line with industry standards and current regulations, continually managing payroll for all your staff. We also participate in and advise on annual salary reviews, using our longstanding industry knowledge to guide these discussions.

Why Choose YACHTZOO?

Personal Relationships

We get to know every one of our clients on a personal level, allowing us to anticipate what they will need next. These strong relationships allow us to go above and beyond across all of our yacht management services.

Unrivalled Expertise

Yacht crew management requires a high level of industry expertise. Luckily, YACHTZOO has over a decade of experience, with team members handpicked from the yachting and commercial vessel industries to give us an all-encompassing knowledge.

Captain Recruitment You Can Trust

We put your hiring priorities at the center of our actions, sourcing and cross-checking candidates according to your specifications. Ultimately, we want to help you find and keep the perfect Captain, and will always give you our honest, fact-based judgment to help you do this.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

At YACHTZOO, safety and compliance are paramount. We focus on creating a professional crew environment that adheres strictly to safety regulations, ensuring a secure onboard experience for everyone. Our Crew’s travel solutions and emergency preparedness plans are part of the resources we offer, aiming to maintain a high standard of luxury and safety for all crew on board.

Building a Career in the Yachting Industry

For those interested in advancing their career within the yachting industry, YACHTZOO provides career development and term contracts as part of our commitment to fostering potential crew members’ growth. Our Yacht Crew Management Services are designed to be a comprehensive solution to meet the unique needs of our charter clients and their vessels.

Yacht management services we offer

Financial Administration

Technical & Refit

Safety & Security

Crew Administration

Insurance Management

Logistical Support

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