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Yacht Financial Administration

YACHTZOO financial administration goes above and beyond to ensure our clients are fully-supported in their accounting. Our dedicated yacht accountants have decades of experience in the maritime industry, from commercial to yachting, meaning we can give a truly expert perspective on your boat’s finances. With strong working relations with global banks and suppliers, we do everything in our power to make sure you never pay over the odds. Discover our range of services below.

Yacht Financial Administration Services at YACHTZOO

Budget Preparation & Approval

We plan carefully for the future by establishing annual budgets for your yacht. We also suggest easy ways that you could save money in the long run, for example with more frequent compliance surveys and implement them at your request.

Opening Bank Accounts

We maintain all vessel-related bank accounts as part of our yacht management services, meaning there is one less thing for your Captain to worry about.

Master Credit / Debit Card

We check and reconcile the yacht’s credit/debit card, onboard cash and bank accounts, making sure everything is as it should be.

Cash to Captain

A crucial part of yacht financial administration, we assist in the boat’s cash provision to ensure that the Captain has the right amount of required currencies, wherever they are in the world.

Clearing & Pre-approval of Invoices

We offer expenditure advice, creating an invoice approval process that is personally customised to your yacht. We know how important it is to have a good relationship with suppliers and vendors and so manage these relationships accordingly, ensuring any operating funds are requested in advance and invoices are settled promptly.

Day-to-day Running Accounting

YACHTZOO financial administration experts keep your accounts shipshape, taking care of everyday tasks such as processing supplier payments and organising payroll. We are committed to saving you money without compromising on quality from suppliers and yards, and integrate this into our daily accounting strategy.

Accounting Report

We help you keep track of your yacht’s finances, providing monthly or quarterly accounting returns and assessing actual costs compared to budget.
We also arrange yearly summaries highlighting significant savings and extraordinary costs. By forward-planning your yacht’s cash flow and standing orders, we ensure your financial operations run smoothly.

Why Choose YACHTZOO?

Going Above & Beyond

Yacht financing is a unique area of accountancy, and so a unique approach is required. We understand that we are here first and foremost to relieve the administrative burden from the Owner/Captain, and if this means going the extra mile we are always more than happy to oblige. We believe the strong relationships we build with our Owners are worth it.

The Expert Perspective

Our yacht financial administration experts hold a high level of industry-specific knowledge and expertise. Spanning yachting and commercial vessel management, our varied experience gives us a specialist insight into your accounting needs.

Worldwide Network of Banks and Suppliers

With a global network of suppliers, bunker agents, shipyards and banks, there is nothing we can’t do for you. No matter where you are in the world, we’ll compare a range of prices and expertise before advising you on your best option, meaning all you have to do is sign off.

Yacht management services we offer

Financial Administration

Technical & Refit

Safety & Security

Crew Administration

Insurance Management

Logistical Support

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