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Yacht Support & Logistics

Running a yacht is filled with logistical challenges, whether it is managing communications, finding where’s best to get fuel, organising crew travel, or assisting with berthing locations. Left for the Captain to manage, this can significantly detract from time spent doing more important tasks, such as running the vessel and navigating safely to the next destination. What’s more, these challenges become nearly impossible in situations where the yacht’s service drops or the Captain goes out of range.

YACHTZOO’s experts have years of proven experience in yacht support and are here to help those Captains that are having difficulty sourcing their needs. Offered as a discretionary extra as part of our concierge service to yachts in our charter management fleet, discover our exceptional logistical support services here.

Yacht Support at YACHTZOO

Communication Subscriptions

If necessary we can help Captains source cellular phone subscriptions and satellite communications for the yacht, meaning the vessel is less likely to inconveniently ‘drop off the radar’. This includes gathering a list of quotes from different providers, offering our expert insight into which company offers the best service and compiling the paperwork – although many yachts simply arrange this themselves.

Fueling Assistance

Our global network of fuel suppliers allows us to source quotes and arrange anchorage nearby a Captain’s chosen provider – this may be needed when a Captain is in an unfamiliar corner of the world. We can also put Captains in contact with suppliers, so that they can discuss a convenient place and time for delivery.

Assist with Crew travel

In special circumstances, we can instruct a travel agency to book flights for crew, transporting them to and from the yacht. We can also provide documentation to prove that crew members qualify as a ‘seafarer’.

Berthing Assistance

In a situation where the Captain is not able to, we can help find and book berths, with an encyclopedic knowledge of berth costs and facilities worldwide.

Why Choose YACHTZOO?

Worldwide Network Of Suppliers

We support our clients no matter how far they go off the beaten track. A yacht is for exploring the planet at your leisure, so our network of suppliers that stretches all around the world.

A Transparent Approach

We’ll never keep you in the dark – in fact, all of our yacht management services are designed to be completely transparent. We’ll always be completely open with how we handle our business, allowing you to make the decisions you want to and letting our team handle everything else.

Complete Peace Of Mind

Yachting is a fast-moving industry and yacht support needs to match that. Whether you need to urgently transport crew to your vessel or find the best local price for fuel in an unfamiliar region, we are by your side ready to assist. Our team of highly-experienced professionals have worked in every aspect of the marine industry, meaning there’s not a logistical problem that they don’t know how to solve.

Yacht management services we offer

Financial Administration

Technical & Refit

Safety & Security

Crew Administration

Insurance Management

Logistical Support

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