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Yacht Maintenance & Refit

At YACHTZOO we understand the complexity of running a yacht, and will be there to support you every step of the way. Our yacht maintenance managers are the best in the industry, so you’ll only ever be working with experienced professionals. What’s more, we will always provide you with factual, unbiased advice that takes into account both cost and quality. Browse our complete range of yacht refit services below.

YACHTZOO’s Yacht Maintenance & Refit Services

Technical Support / System Maintenance

We monitor your yacht and its systems to ensure the vessel is maintained to above regulation standards. We follow best practices to ensure that the yacht is always in excellent condition, and is available at any moment for private or charter use.

Planned Yacht Maintenance

We include planned maintenance within our technical support package. This involves checking that there is a maintenance system in place and making sure that this system is respected. If not, we will assist in the implementation of a better planned maintenance structure onboard.

Yard Supervision

We will be there to help with everything from organisational tasks before your yacht goes into the yard to day-to-day assistance during the yacht refit. We help to put together the list and the specification of works. We also source costs from different shipyards, feeding these back to the Owner or Captain with our professional opinion on which is the best solution. Once the yacht goes into the shipyard, we will be there as needed to monitor the progress and keep everything running smoothly.

Monitor Guaranties

Whether your yacht has just been delivered or it is leaving the yard after its fifteenth refit, we monitor all shipyard guaranties to ensure that you never encounter any nasty surprises surrounding warranty. We make sure you always get what is owed to you.

Why Choose YACHTZOO For Yacht Refit Management?

Full-service offering

As you can see, when it comes to technical yacht management services there is nothing we can’t do. If there is something you require that is not the list above, please just ask – we would be delighted to help.

Unbeatable expertise

We are able to provide this 360-degree offering because of the expertise of our yacht maintenance managers. With longstanding careers in the marine industry, spanning commercial and yachting, there’s no problem we can’t solve.

Worldwide network of suppliers and shipyards

Our global network of suppliers and shipyards means that wherever you are in the world, we can get you the help you require. As soon as a Captain or Owner gets in touch we start contacting providers in the area, comparing the most suitable ones to advise on the very best. Having such a large network allows us to work quickly and get back to you sooner.

Honest, fact-based advice

YACHTZOO’s yacht maintenance managers use only the facts when making assessments and reporting back to our Owners. We won’t go merely on a thought or feeling – instead, we have practices that we follow to make sure our judgement is fair and accurate, and that it will deliver the best outcome for you. We always try to find the best balance between cost, efficiency, and the longevity of the solution.

Yacht management services we offer

Financial Administration

Technical & Refit

Safety & Security

Crew Administration

Insurance Management

Logistical Support

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