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Yacht Safety & Security

Safety and Security are of the utmost importance, especially when at sea. We know that every life is precious. That’s why YACHTZOO’s expert team works with vessels to make them the safest they can be, taking each crew member and guest into consideration. We go the extra nautical mile when considering Yacht Security and Safety, consistently surpassing Marine Code standards. By setting a clear philosophy of safety, in conjunction with the Master’s Standing Orders, we save lives, limit your liability and protect the marine environment. Discover our range of Yacht Safety and Security services here.

Yacht Safety & Security at YACHTZOO


Our team works hard to verify Maritime Code Compliance, conducting constant risk analysis to ensure the highest level of Safety Management onboard. We also assist in the further development of your onboard ISM & ISPS systems, facilitating regular crew training sessions.

Flag Compliance

We liaise continuously with the Flag State and Classification Society to ensure your yacht remains compliant as regulations change. With YACHTZOO’s Yacht Management Services, you’ll always be one step ahead of the game.

Audit & Survey

Alongside conducting internal audits to check that your ISM & ISPS systems are running at their maximum potential, and certification monitoring to ensure the yacht remains compliant, we also keep track of crew certification with respect to safe manning requirements. This means your crew will never fall below standards.

Procedures & Policies

We provide regular updates, summarising changes in legislation as well as local cruising and port issues which may be relevant for your yacht’s security, and making sure this information is easily digestible for busy Captains. We will also assist with the operational preparation of the vessel prior to departing the shipyard, and provide additional shore-based emergency support as needed.

Why Choose YACHTZOO?

All-Encompassing Knowledge Of The Industry

Our Yacht Management Team are sourced from all over the marine industry, spanning yachting and commercial vessels. This means our knowledge is unsurpassable – whatever you need to know, and however unique your boat, you can count on YACHTZOO to give a prompt and informative response.

The Personal Touch

Yacht Safety and Security are best delivered with a friendly smile. We work with you every step of the way, ensuring you are happy with the measures we put in place and that everyone onboard feels safe. Every yacht is different and each requires a bespoke set of rules to adhere to in order to not just meet but eclipse Maritime Code standards.

Ahead of the curve

Our team keeps up with the very latest regulation changes, so we can best serve you in the ever-progressing world of superyachts. Our membership of the most prestigious international yachting associations, including the Large Yacht Brokers Association (LYBRA), Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA) and IYBA (International Yacht Brokers Association, ensures we are always in the know.

Yacht management services we offer

Financial Administration

Technical & Refit

Safety & Security

Crew Administration

Insurance Management

Logistical Support

IYBA International Yacht Brokers Association MYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association  LYBRA Large Yacht Brokers Association  APSA Asian Pacific Superyachts Association  ECPY The European  committe for professional yachting  GYA Greek Yachting Association  Monaco Capital of Advance Yachting