Ethereal escape

Hike in the magical Plitvice Lakes National Park

The lakes and waterfalls of this national park are a truly unique sight and fantastic chance to get closer to nature within the thickly forested interior of Croatia. With 16 bright emerald lakes flowing together via a network of beautiful waterfalls and cascades, lined by moss-covered limestone banks, it feels as though you are on the set of a fantasy film. Meander along the footpaths and bridges that have been set out over the waterways, while nature unfolds in front of your eyes.

A visit to the Plitvice Lakes National Park is likely to take up most of a day. Wake early on your yacht and either jump into a private minivan or helicopter to make the 100-kilometre journey east to the park. A helicopter ride will ensure an early start in the park and help to avoid the crowds, which significantly enhances the experience.

Those who are in the mood for a more physically challenging day can hike right from the entrance of the park on a full 18-kilometre round trip, taking approximately six hours, or otherwise take some short-cuts by boat or vehicle to make the hike two hours shorter. Be sure not to miss the grand finale, the Veliki Slap waterfall, the tallest in Croatia at 78 metres.