A floating pilgrimage

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Take part in a centuries-old tradition on the water

The Fasinada celebration is one of the country’s most historical and unique traditions and an appropriate addition to any charter in Montenegro.

Each 22 July, the town of Perast in the Bay of Kotor commemorates the start of the construction of the island of Our Lady of the Rocks, one of the most iconic sites in Montenegro, when an icon of the Virgin Mary was discovered on a small crag in the water in 1452.

As custom dictates, the villagers of Perast rope together a convoy of decorated boats and row them out to the island after sunset to drop stones into the water around it, thereby reinforcing the foundation of the island and ensuring it is not eroded by the sea. The ceremony serves as a reminder of the centuries-long efforts to build the famous island and its church, now one of Montenegro’s most recognisable sights.

Over the years, the celebration has grown in size and now includes a two-day regatta, the Fasinada Cup, where all manner of yachts and boats both large and small take part in sailing competitions alongside various cultural events in the town of Perast.

This intriguing window into the history of Montenegro is a fantastic activity for any superyacht cruising itinerary and is sure to be popular with all the family. Why not jump in the tender and get closer to the action of the regatta as well as the procession of boats to the island on 22 July?