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Activities ashore while on a yacht charter

Although your yacht charter will have a natural focus on the water, it is a great base from which to enjoy all manner of activities ashore. When visiting popular destinations, having the space and privacy to relax away from the crowds is a luxury that makes many regular yacht charterers keep coming back for the experience. In addition, being on the water also provides a unique perspective of the stunning landscapes of the places you choose to charter. Nevertheless, renting a yacht is still a fantastic way to travel in a country and enjoy plenty of trips ashore to see the country’s highlights, whether that involves hiking up volcanic peaks and kayaking through picturesque valleys or enjoying some pampering, partying and relaxation on land.

El Dia de los Muertos

Immerse yourself in the traditional El Dia de los Meurtos celebration in Mexico.

The Orangutans of Indonesia

Seeing orangutans, either in the wild or in sanctuaries, is an experience that travellers all over the world seek.

Baja California

Experience the adrenaline rush of off-road racing on your yacht charter in Baja California.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Supercars and superyachts are so intrinsically linked, it seems natural that many of the world’s premier destinations now boast their very own racing events.

Travel back in time

Step into a medieval world in Montenegro

The high life

Get some altitude in Montenegro’s mountains

Heaven scent

Create a signature perfume on the Côte d’Azur

Heavenly heights

Visit the mysterious monasteries of Meteora

Go Greek in Sicily

History comes to life at the theatre in Siracusa

Adventures in Catalonia

Enjoy northern Spain’s best of the best

Haute cuisine

A gastronomic tour with elBulli by helicopter

Beach life in the Balearics

From hidden away to hedonistic

A taste of Corsica

Authentic family dining in style

Watery Wonderland

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Pamukkale on your charter in Turkey.

Treasured tubers

Truffle hunting in Croatia’s forests of Istria

Ethereal escape

Hike in the magical Plitvice Lakes National Park